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Getting ready for summer part 1

I’m trying to be a little more prepared for the prime growing season this year: sprouting for food was replaced with sprouting for the garden a while back.


The strawberries have been in dirt for a few weeks now and they are sprouting real leaves. They’re so tiny! They’re in egg cartons in a plastic tub that I keep in the sunroom.


The basil went into dirt today: it’s too early for outside planting but they should be ok in pots on the deck.

And this year, the tomatoes got the jump on me! These are self seeded from last year’s crop. I’ll put some seeds under glass to sprout soon.


The speed of Sprouts


Mustard sprouts, two days on. Can’t wait to eat them! The Chia sprouts are starting to look sprouty too:


Don’t mind their slightly odd look; they’ll grow out of it.

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