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Oh the horror

Repairing the damage caused by a water leak in our laundry kinda dominated the weekend’s activities.








Two more coats of waterproofing to go this week, then tiling next weekend.

A collateral purchase was a shiny new crowbar. It is the best $20 I’ve ever spent! I can’t wait to destroy some more stuff with it!


A quick(ish) coop shuffle

We did a reshuffle of coop equipment yesterday to maximize available room for growing out hatchlings.  We basically swapped the housing in the Araucana pen with the brooder pen, but this involved pulling off one of the wire walls of the Araucana run so it took us most of Sunday.  It could have taken much longer, but our wonderful mother/-in-law came over to amuse the kiddos while we worked outside.  She even folded the (embarrassingly large pile of) washing while the kids were asleep.  What a gem!

Anyhow, some before pics:

The Araucana pen.

The partially disassembled brooder.

This is the house that is going from the big chickens to the babies so it was thoroughly cleaned out and miltoned to try to minimise disease spread.  Chicks get exposed to disease over their life and gradually build up immunity.  But you don’t want them getting a massive hit of disease exposure at once from being moved into a pen that used to house older chickens, hence the disinfection.  Chances are the big chickens have already been exposed to anything the chicks have so we didn’t bother disinfecting the house going from the chicks to the chickens.

And after the switch around:

The new chick house complete with heat lamp.

The new Araucana pen.

Laptop fixing





My little laptop (eeepc 1005p) broke: when the screen was angled further back than 85 degrees it went black. Some googling later I suspected the video cable, which is nice and cheap but buried under pretty much everything else!
The disassembly went pretty well. My thanks to Binh Nguyen and others. My brother in california sent me the cable to avoid about$ 28 in postage. With everything screwed back together it works again!
Suburbanite farm is mainly about the farming but we really love the idea of repairing things and just having a go.

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