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Pram macgyvering

We picked up a 2nd hand phil and ted’s e3 v2, but the bearings were very loose which made the pram wander.  I googled the process for replacing the rear bearings but found nothing. So here’s the process I followed:
1. Remove hubcap and wheel. Pick out the quick release spring.
2. The star washer holds the axle on. Encourage the axle out by tapping the end with the hole (the end with more axle coming out) against a soft surface with gentle but firm taps. Get the star washer to the point that it’s just under the hole for the quick release nubbin.

3. Align the star washer so that there’s a gap directly over the hole, not a point. I used pliers and a screwdriver in the hole.

4. Sit the wheel on a pipe such that the axle passes through. Pop some dowel on top of the axle. The dowel should be just big enough to cover the axle. Gently apply a hammer.

5. Once the axle’s out, there are two bearings.  One’s recessed into the wheel, the other is flush with the surface.  Pop the surface one out with a screwdriver or similar.

6. The other bearing needs to be poked out.  I used the handle of an engine crane, but any suitable sized tube will do.  Poke it into the open end and apply force to poke the bearing out of its recessed home.

7. Clean up the interior of the wheel – I used a tissue.

8.Fit the surface bearing: thumbs will do.

9. A socket and mallet help seat the recessed bearing.

10. Refit the axle and pop the star washer on top.  A socket and mallet help to drive the star washer down.

11. The star washer snugly fitted back on the axle.

12. Refit the nubbin and reinsert the wheel into the pram.

Remember that if you embark on this, only you are responsible for the quality of your work.  If in doubt, take it into a bike shop or similar – they should be able to help.

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