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Monster egg

One of the things I’m loving about having chickens is see just how different eggs can be in shape and size, between chickens and even from the same chicken.

Adelaide and Henrietta are still our only layers and each prefers to lay in a different nesting box (we have two, which should still be plenty for the six girls when they are all laying) so it is pretty easy to tell who lays which egg at this stage, but already the shapes of each girl’s egg is quite different; Adelaide’s is pointier and Henrietta’s tend to be a bit bigger, more like ~60g than Adelaide’s ~50g.

On Sunday, however, Henrietta laid a simply monstrously large egg.  She hadn’t laid for a couple of days, so it really seemed like she was making up for it! It topped the scales at 80g.  I felt seriously sorry for the girl!  The next day she laid a much smaller egg, I presumed making up for the previous monster.  For comparison, here (L-R) is one of Adelaide’s standard size eggs, Henrietta’s monster Sunday egg, and Henrietta’s little Monday egg.

Monster egg, little hands

Sure enough, this morning when we cracked them open for breakfast, the monster was our first double yoker!

Double yoker

I thought that would be it, but today she laid another 80g egg.  I guess we will have to wait and see if it is another double yoker…

Autumn equinox harvest

The garden has done really well considering how late I got all the vegetables in.

The tomatoes have really come out this year – I estimate I’ve picked about 8-10kg total so far, and there must be at least another 2kg still ripening 0n the vine.

Tomato glut

Tomato glut 2

We’ve had so many over the last few weeks.  It has been lovely being able to pick them fresh for lunch and dinner each day, and still we have so many left over I’ve been able to start preserving them to eat later in the year.

Some of the tomatoes

Laying the tomatoes out to dry

Drying the tomatoes

Sundried tomatoes

Not technically sun dried – I used a friend’s dehydrator – but just as delicious!

We’ve also had beans and corn, though not nearly as much as I would have liked!

Corn harvest

Corn and beans for dinner

Tomatoes and beans

The sunflowers have finished blooming and are the heads are drying out so we can collect their seeds.

Drying out sunflower heads

Sunflower seeds

The new raised bed and the new herb bed are coming along nicely.

The raised bed is finally thriving

New herb bed seedlings (and don't the chickens look great in the background!)

And I’ve got the winter harvest seedlings under way.

Winter seedlings (and an avocado that started growing in the compost, not that I'm expecting it to survive the winter in this climate!)

We have two laying chickens now – Henrietta and Adelaide – and are getting about three eggs every two days from the pair of them.

First eggs meal!

I’ve also been doing a bit of wild foraging with two very good friends.  We’ve been blackberrying twice – I would never have believed how much better freshly picked blackberries taste.  Blackberries are a terribly invasive weed here and the free and tasty fruit is the only redeeming feature.   I used some of them to make a blackberry sauce.

Boiling up wild blackberry sauce

It was very, very good over ice cream!

Blackberry Sauce + chocolate icecream = black forest goodness

So all in all it’s been a rather delicious, though busy, few weeks.  We’ve also been busy building a (hopefully reasonably soundproof) rooster box for the chickens to sleep in – Red is right on the verge of crowing, so we are rushing to get it done before he annoys the neighbours.  Pictures to follow when I get my act together and remember to photograph it.

Henrietta, you are a star!

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