About the suburbanites

We are a small(ish) growing family building a more sustainable life in the suburbs.

We are Della and Angus. We have three children: Lily is 10, Sam is 7, and Olivia is 5. We have a moggy tortie cat called Cat, a giant Pyrenean Mountain dog called Albus Dumbledog, several thousand bees, three Coronation Sussex chickens, and many ducks of varying crossbreeds.

We live in north Canberra and are trying to create as sustainable a life as possible for ourselves using the land space available to us in our suburban block (almost a quarter acre, minus the house and driveway).

For over a decade we have felt uncomfortable with unsustainable food production practices and intensive farming of animals for consumption. Our eventual aim is to produce as much of our food as possible on our own little suburban farm. We eat as sustainably as possible and when we do eat meat we try to eat the most ethical available.

We have kept chickens for eggs and meat since 2010.  We discovered that chickens are not very hardy and are not the greatest layers. So since 2015 we have gradually been losing chickens by attrition and have moved primarily into ducks. Ducks are awesome. They are better layers, lay more reliably, faster growing, quieter and hardier than chickens.

Our greenie mantra is “reuse, recycle, bodge!” We are avid crafters and diy-ers and love nothing more than bodging something together from reused parts (partly because we are cheap!).

The other space this site is going to increasingly encompass is that we are now a home educating family. This didn’t come from an idealogical position for us, but due to various circumstances this is where we have landed and I can’t see us going back to the mainstream any time soon.

We will use this site to share our experiences and link with other people like us.


Because we are a single income family in this dual income country and we like to eat and clothe our children we have recently made the decision to become Amazon Associates. If you click an affiliate link to a product on another site and make a purchase we receive a small percentage of the purchase price. All affiliate links will be disclosed, stating, ‘contains affiliate links’.

All opinions expressed are our own and we if we recommend a product it is because we love it.

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[updated January 2019]

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