Preserved meat update

Canberra will have a very warm day tomorrow, so I have shifted my curing meat from under the house to the fridge. Something about meat and 30 degree temperatures doesn’t sound good.

After I brought it in, I weighed it to check its progress:


It’s 800g even, which is only 50g above my target weight (1.08 kg x 0.7).

I also unwrapped it to get a good look:


It looked and smelled ok. No sign of bad mold, just a pleasant meaty smell combined with old wine.

I’ve heard that sometimes curing meat will dry unevenly, and harden on the outside while staying wet in the middle. Apparently the fix for this is re-equilibrating the moisture in a plastic bag in the fridge, so I’m taking the opportunity to do this while it’s inside, just in case.


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