Using the cheap cuts: trotters

We bought half a pig from friends who have a farm and received a bag of trotters as a bonus! I originally had visions of a hot dark Chinese stew but went with pea and ham soup instead. first I washed and salted the trotters, then smoked them on the bbq:


Then 2 days in the crockpot:


(that’s the before; didn’t manage an after)

Picked the bones out:


The pea part is mainly green split peas, with red lentils and urad for fun.

I’m trying a new trick from dal making: after frying the onions, I added some mostly cooked peas into the frying onions and cooked them up together. Apparently it adds a different flavour.


And here’s the finished product:


it still needs to simmer for a bit but it already smells good and the texture is amazing!

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