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Broad bean flowers

Aren’t they cute? Once fully grown, these, chicken livers and a nice chianti will form the basis of a meal fit for a deranged cannibal.


The speed of Sprouts


Mustard sprouts, two days on. Can’t wait to eat them! The Chia sprouts are starting to look sprouty too:


Don’t mind their slightly odd look; they’ll grow out of it.


Sprouts are my new favorite thing to grow! Seeds in bulk packs from any grocery store, and just add water!


These are mustard seeds; we’ve done mung bean and linseed sprouts already, and Chia are on the way! After this I’m going to go for coriander sprouts. Winter had made it hard for the garden to keep up with our fresh veg needs: no idea why it took me so long to start sprouting!

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