And in today’s episode of Araucana Antics…

Today the chickens in the Araucana pen managed to knock their nesting box upside down trapping Hugh Grant (the rooster) inside it.  I feel there may be something to read into this, especially given that a couple of the girls are starting to lose some back feathers at the, ahem, mounting point.  Maybe they decided they’d had enough today and took matters into their ownhands (wings? claws? feet?  This cliche loses something when applied to chickens…)

The rooster trapping episode backfired a bit though; as soon as the nesting box was righted again there was an immediate squabble between Imogen and Tinsel for who got to use it first.  Looks like they’d been holding on all morning.


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  1. Im interested in your ‘night box’ for the roosters – does this somehow prevent noisy morning crowing? And how do you get them in there, do you move them after they roost?

    I am working up towards raising meat birds (we just have chooks for eggs/pets at the moment), but hadn’t seriously considered breeding in the suburbs because of the racket. How doesit go with the neighbours?

    Hi, BTW :). I just surfed in, but I am also in suburban Canberra.


  2. Hi Kirsten,
    Thanks for commenting and welcome to the farm! I’ve just written a post on the logistics of rooster keeping:
    Hope that answers your questions, but we’re happy to answer more if you have ’em =)


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