Nature’s disgusting bounty


For those who knew what was coming and doubted I’d do it: yes I ate some snails. After feeding them some fresh lettuce then nothing for a few days, I washed, boiled, extracted and rewashed the snails, before frying them in butter, garlic, chives and parsley. The result: a fairly unpleasant texture, and the taste of garlic and butter would have been improved with the removal of the snails. Dunno how the french get them so nice but I can’t be bothered experimenting further. Back to stamping on them!


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  1. That’s really funny – and you’re SO brave. After reading instructions on preparing snails, I trundled out to my agapanthus plants to collect the guaranteed herd of snails. By the time I’d put 5 in a bowl, I threw them on the ground & squashed them… Eeew – that’s how close I could get to escargot….bleh… LOL


    • My take-home message was that if you want to eat snails, get someone who knows what they’re doing to make them for you, and teach you perhaps! The marine bivalves are easy to get right: mussels, pipis, vongole, clams etc. Your terrestrial mollusc is apparently a completely different kettle of shellfish!


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