Rooster box mk 2






Our first attempt at soundproofing was almost completely ineffective. It was polystyrene sheeting like the stuff used in cold rooms or refrigerated trucks. However the panels were so unwieldy and (surprisingly) heavy that the tidy and precise assembly required for soundproofing eluded us.

Mk 2 is proper timber framed and will be lined with as thick a particle board as I can find. Then a layer of leftover fibreglass batts, then an exterior layer of corrugated iron.

The only materials so far that aren’t scavenged are ther screws.  As usual, they comprise the largest part of our budget. (The big chicken run has hundreds of dollars of fasteners in it!)  We already have leftover board from wardrobes, cupboard doors and various furniture. The tin comes from a friend’s disassembled carport. The timber is from a cubby house that another friend was binning.  This reuse is important for us because in addition to making it all cheaper, it diverts waste from landfill and turns it into something useful.

Pics show progress so far.


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