The littlest boy in the dinner queue seemed a bit sick today and nearly got euthanased (ie binned, not eaten). He was lying down in a odd way on the floor of the run. He’s had a sniffle previously.

On seeing the secateurs and plastic bags he made a sudden turn for the better though.His young age means it might be worth medicating him to eat in a few weeks so we’ll give that a go. Much nicer to kill them older and healthy to eat, than younger and sick and just binning.

What this means is that the 5 that were getting the chop (slice really) tomorrow is now 2; sick chicken and the two smaller ones will go all together in around a month. Can’t leave just one alone after all.

Bypass secateurs are my weapon of choice for non-eating kills btw – v quick and clean. I was inspired after seeing proper culling pliers, which look like blunt secateurs.


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