How things are in spring

A quick tour of the burbfarm in spring.

First, the rockery:  This will be our herb garden from now on, so…

…the old herb garden can become a strawberry patch!  We’re about halfway through the process. This bed will have marigolds too, for company.

Below, the garden veg we’re eating:  Rocket, and..

…snowpeas.  The rocket is nice a little wilted.  I put hot gnocchi over them, with our sun-dried tomatoes from last season, parmesan and vinaigrette.

Here is next season’s crop, in a cement house under clear plastic (bodge greenhouse).  Mainly tomatoes, but also some herbs.  Might have a grape too (yellow pot) but I’m not sure if (a) the seeds were even viable and (b) this is one and not a weed.

Here’s our most productive pen, and the one we’ve hatched from.

And here’s the robinia that will shade its run.  The leaves have just started emerging, which is an uplifting sight.

Our 8-week-old hatchlings, who I think look tastier by the day!

And these are our new additions, from our own chickens!  A mix of Rhode Island Red and RIR x wyandotte.  So cute, but I’ve had to put one down since this picture, making two so far, because of birth defects.



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