Another boy

We ate a relatively mature boy last weekend.  He was given to us by a friend and was a beautiful colour, but something about him was setting off our other roosters – they were constantly crowing and we think his presence caused a fight between two of our other boys.

As he had been crowing for quite a while, he was way past the ideal eating age.  This consigned him to the stewing pot, with celery, onions, capsicum, carrot and plenty of herbs.  He was delicious, but despite the 7 hours of gentle cooking, quite stringy.

Like I said last chicken, when we eat a chicken we’ve known, I feel like we should try for something special, so I baked some bread too.  Still no oven, so it’s the pan/grill version still (which is working better and better!).  This uses the recipe from the paneer page.

Mmmmm chicken


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  1. Posted by Cai on Jul 5, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    Looks very tasty!


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