Minus four, plus two

In the ever ongoing chicken flux, we killed the four boys (RIR IV, Ancona and the two Barnevelders) over the weekend.  Whatwouldmacgyverdo is working on a post on the butchering process, so I will leave that to him.

In happier news, however, the Suburbanite Farm has two new Araucana pullets.

Juliet is 13 weeks and Imogen 16 weeks. Being Araucana, they will lay blue eggs!  I am very excited about this.  Ever since I discovered that there was such a thing as a blue egg laying chicken, I decided I needed some.

Imogen and Juliet in quarantine

They are both hopefully carrying a (recessive) lavender gene which in two doses (one from each parent) dilutes black to lavender – the colour Craig is.  This means when they are bred with Craig half their chicks will be the lavender colour he is, the other half will be black but carrying the lavender gene.  Some will also possibly be the Isabel colour, which is a pinkish lavender colour due to the lavender gene diluting red, in addition to the black.  The brassiness in Craig’s feathers means that he is technically this colour, but is a fault in a boy – only girls can be Isabel.  Crazy show rules!  Not that I’m planning on showing, but it is all interesting to find out.  Chicken genetics is fun!

After a week in quarantine, we did a bit of a shuffle with the penning arrangements, so Blue and Sage moved into the big pen (which lost the four boys) and Juliet and Imogen joined Craig and Thyme in the little pen.

So now I have a breeding trio of Araucanas!  I obviously won’t be hatching chicks for a while though – they are only babies themselves.

The big pen now has Red plus eight girls – three Sussex, five wyandottes.  I’ve decided to breed a purebred Rhode Island Red line too, so I am now on the look out for some RIR pullets to add to the big pen… first place to look is the Canberra Poultry Show this weekend!

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