Monster egg

One of the things I’m loving about having chickens is see just how different eggs can be in shape and size, between chickens and even from the same chicken.

Adelaide and Henrietta are still our only layers and each prefers to lay in a different nesting box (we have two, which should still be plenty for the six girls when they are all laying) so it is pretty easy to tell who lays which egg at this stage, but already the shapes of each girl’s egg is quite different; Adelaide’s is pointier and Henrietta’s tend to be a bit bigger, more like ~60g than Adelaide’s ~50g.

On Sunday, however, Henrietta laid a simply monstrously large egg.  She hadn’t laid for a couple of days, so it really seemed like she was making up for it! It topped the scales at 80g.  I felt seriously sorry for the girl!  The next day she laid a much smaller egg, I presumed making up for the previous monster.  For comparison, here (L-R) is one of Adelaide’s standard size eggs, Henrietta’s monster Sunday egg, and Henrietta’s little Monday egg.

Monster egg, little hands

Sure enough, this morning when we cracked them open for breakfast, the monster was our first double yoker!

Double yoker

I thought that would be it, but today she laid another 80g egg.  I guess we will have to wait and see if it is another double yoker…

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