How does your garden grow?

Ours is growing well for the most part (pics further down the post).  Except, frustratingly enough, for the new raised bed I worked so hard putting in.  I think the problem is with the soil.  We bought additional soil with chicken poo and compost in it for the raised part, but right after we put it in we got a LOT of rain and it compacted and became very clayey.  We’ve added some gypsum but I think it might need more.  I also think it is a bit rich and not composted enough – it is still a bit smelly like not-quite-done-yet compost.  Hopefully that means with a bit more gypsum it will be good next year.

This is what it looks like now:

The hydrangea and new turf (off cuts from our very generous neighbours who were doing their lawn – thanks guys!) are clearly thriving, but the veges just aren’t keeping up.  Bottom left is a strawberry, top right is basil, bottom right is parsley, and we also planted carrots, beetroot, dill, and coriander but they haven’t really come up.

For comparison, here are the other strawberries that were from the same punnet:

Now these are in the totally awesome wicking broccoli boxes (I will get around to a post on wicking beds in their own right soon), but they are just doing so much better and have already given us quite a few totally sweet strawberries.

Other plants that are growing:

Tomatoes - planted early Dec (whole tomatoes smushed into the ground)

Corn - planted from seed 11 Dec

Beans - planted from seed 11 Dec

Second lettuce crop (from seed this time), plus the last of the first crop which we are letting go to seed so we can keep the seeds.

The rest of the strawberries (a different variety and in ordinary pots) and sunflowers. (Plus another lettuce, which really needs pulling out as the rain has ruined it). Oh, and linseeds.

Radishes - planted from seeds 11 Dec.

More corn, planted later than the other crop, and in a wicking bed

The passionfruit I was given for my birthday (thanks!), plus the overgrown roses (and couch).

Pumpkin (and couch. Lots of couch.)

I just can’t get over how much and how quickly it is growing this year, but then I guess that’s what La Niña does here, huh?


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