Better pictures of all the chickens

Here are some close up photos of all our girls.

The three Wyandottes, Paprika, Juniper and Pepper:

Paprika - gold laced Wyandotte

Juniper - Blue laced silver Wyandotte

Pepper - silver laced Wyandotte


And the three light Sussex whom you have met before.




Happily, it seems that all three of the Sussex chickens are pullets.  Both the Wyandotte and Sussex breeds are apparently slow to mature and they should start to lay at 22-27 weeks old.  The the Sussex girls are about 18-19 weeks old and the Wyandottes 12-13 weeks so we should start getting some eggs from February onwards.

Paprika and Juniper

Penelope, Adelaide and Pepper

Henrietta, Adelaide, Paprika and Penelope

Pepper's straight comb - not quite true to the breed; she ought to have a rose comb like Paprika and Juniper.

Paprika (Juniper in the background)








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  1. […] we have done a chicken swap!  Paprika (one of our Wyandottes) has gone to live with my friend, and we have taken one of her lavender […]


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