Chicken run

After seeing the setup that the people we bought the chickens off we decided to build a further outside run for our chickens.  We had always planned to allow them to free range around the garden, but we realised that we really needed some sort of enclosure for them, but more to protect our veges from the chickens than anything else!  So yesterday we bought a roll of cheap chicken netting and using for the most part makeshift stakes from around the garden/garage we built a bodged together run.

Coop plus outside run

We will add proper gates for easier human access later, but we for now we were focused on getting it up so that they could get outside and have access to grit.

They seem to love it!

Happy chickens

We also realised that the roost we had built them was a bit small in diameter for the chickens so we pulled it out and made a new one out of some tree branches.

New roost

They also never used the ramp to get up to the table in the coop, preferring just to jump up and down so we took it out as it was taking up space.

Chickens in the coop

I’ve also spent lots of time on the interwebs forums trying to work out for sure whether we have pullets or cockerels.  So anyone with knowledge who can tell us please let us know!


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