The French drain thing did not work at all.  There was just not enough height on the wall below the under house vents to have a pipe buried with enough slope to drain down towards the drain.  I swear so often I look at some of the bodges around this place and think: who the hell did this?  Who thought it would be a good idea to cement a drain in above the ground level?  Who says shower tiles need a decent job done on the grout?  Why doesn’t the guttering flow towards the downpipes?  … I’m getting sidetracked…

So instead I decided on some surface drainage with builders plastic lining the side of the house.  I was able to get some shallow drains so the slope could be steep enough without having the ground level go above the under house vents.  Sadly I did not think to take photos as I was going, so I only have the finished product!

Drain looking up

Flowing into the drain

Drain looking down

The bed in place


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