Chicken coop

A big part of out grand plan of creating the suburban farm is the chicken coop, stage one for eggs, but depending on how we go with stage one we are also thinking stage two will be breeding for meat.

We have been working on the coop since September with the aim of bringing home chickens by Christmas.  It is a slow process because we are determined to do a thorough job to make our chickens a really cosy and sturdy place to live.  Plus we are also trying to use as much reused materials as possible, which means though we have the overall design in mind, a lot of the details need to be worked out as we go along and collect more materials.

We are using parts of a portable car port given to us by a friend as the main structure.  Unused corrogated iron sheets from our neighbour form the base of the walls, dug into at least 40cm to keep foxes out.  The roof is second hand polycarbonate and old hardwood fence palings, the door a cut down second hand screen door.

Here are a few pictures of the coop building process so far.

Collecting materials for the coop

The first trench - it's hard to capture how deep these are (it took two full weekends to dig the four)

Digging the sides in to keep the foxes out.

The roof, the bracing, the door


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